Noam Kuris

By the Israel Consulate General at  Hong Kong
NK,  Israeli Law offices & Mediation

Consulting, Services & Business Development:
Noam Kuris Law offices
The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Ltd
The Israeli Federation of Forwarders & Customs Clearing Agents (IFFCCA)

A)     Lawyers in Israel

      Noam Kuris & Co – Law offices & Mediation
Tel: 972-77-7060058                                  Fax: 972-77-7060059
Remarks: Specializing in foreign investment

(B)  Business Development Companies

1)          AsiaGate
Tel: 972-09-956 6885
E-mail:                 Website:
Contact: Amikam Levanon  
2)          Haifa Economic Corporation Ltd.
Tel: 972-4-855 0150                    Fax: 972-4-850 0638
E-mail:              Website:
Contact: Shirly Franco- Business Liaison Chamber
 Business Nature: Specializes in providing the professional consultancy services for entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen, particularly, to expose business opportunities in Haifa, Israel.
3)          Idan – Consulting and Training in Management and Marketing (March)
Tel: 972-3-5100 206                      Fax: 972-3-516 7077
Contact:  Mr. Morris Kaner, President and CEO
Business Nature: Specializes in business consulting and training in management and marketing.
4)          IsraelWise Ltd
Tel: 972-3-902 8909                       Fax: 972-3-902 1692
E-mail:         Website:
Contact: Ms. Sharon Evans, Business Development
Business Nature:  Specializes in valuable business information, business intelligence and investment opportunities on Israeli technology companies
5)          GAT Investment Ltd.
Tel: (972) 3 566 6626         Fax: (972) 3 566 6630           
Mobile: (972) 52 855 6729
E-mail:            Website:
Contact: Alon Weisz
6)          Mile-Stone Technologies 
Tel/Fax (972) 9 958 5140                           Mobile (972) 54 491 490
E-mail:                  Website: 
Contact: Maoz Tennenbaum 
7)          Moreno Meister Consulting
Tel: 972-2-623 5501         Fax: 972-2-623 5501
Contact: Samuel Meister
Business Nature: Specializes in providing risk management consultancy services engaged in business intelligence & investigation, financial/legal due diligence, and asset search & recovery services, as well as diplomatic services including background checks, surveillance and operational support.
Tel: 972-3-6442681                  Fax: 972-3-6442581
Contact: Mr. Sassi Maor, Business Development Manager
Business Nature: Specializes in business development and organizational counseling within the fields of High Tech, BIO Tech, Home Land Security, IT Services and Marketing & Business Development.

 (C ) Research Companies – for business information in Israel?

1)          Globes Information Service
Tel: 972 3- 953- 8807
E-mail:         Website:
2)          The Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute
Tel: 972-3-5142806                        Fax: 972-3-5142815
Contact: Boaz Milstein – Logistics and transportation Manager
3)          Midroog
4)          For more in depth research –

(D)     Exporting to Israel

Regarding exporting your company’s products to Israel, we do suggest that you contact the “Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce” & “Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce”, details below. The Federation functions much like the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and will convey your company information to Israeli companies who import the products you are marketing. 
1)          Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 972-3-563 1017                       Fax: 972-3-561 9027
E-mail :    
2)          Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce
Tel:   972-3-620 0535                     Fax: 972-3-620 2513
Contact:   Mrs. Talma Rothstein – Managing Director

(E)  Kosher certificate

1)          HKK Kosher Certification Service (Hong Kong)
Tel: (852) 2540 8661                        Fax:  (852) 2549 9344
Contact:  Rabbi David Zadok
2)          OU – Kashruth Israel Ltd.
Contact: Rabbi Mordechai Kuber – Director
Tel: 972-2-563 0302                       Fax: 972-2-563 0061

(F)  Medical insurance for Tourists in Israel

1)          Clal Medi Care
Tel: (972) 3 638 7798                     Fax: (972) 3 638 7545
Contact: Ms. Yael SariMg

(G)  Customs Information

1)      As for the Import Duties, please have a look at the “ Israel’s Customs and VAT Authority” website on the Internet:

(H) Translation Companies

1)          Mr. Tai Guo

Tel: 972-9-8855694                        Mobile: 972-51-354231,


(Interpreter between Chinese and Israelis companies)

2)          Mr. Dagan Shani   

Tel: 972-4-632 0592


(Can accompany travelers as well)

3)          Ms. Rivka Sue Dong

Tel: 972-2-628 5152          


(Interpreter between Chinese and Israelis companies)

4)          Mr. Mikhal Heffer
Asian Translation & Business Promotion
Tel: 972-3-678 0545                                    Fax: 972-3-678 0605
(Translations & Business Promotion services)
5)          Mr. Aviva Feldman
Tel: 972-54-4577 426
(Translation services among Hebrew, English and Chinese, especially in Hi-Tech field)
6)          Meimad Translations and Correspondence
Tel: 972-9-9542 728                           Fax: 972-9-9589 227
E-mail:         Website:
Contact: Bracha Gablan, General Manager
     (Translations services in legal, business, medical, technical translations.  Also offers interpreter services accompany businesspersons to meetings, (mainly English-Hebrew).

7)          Ms. Tammy King – Zorro Translations Ltd.

Tel/Fax: 972-3-547 7162

E-mail:          Website:

(Remark: translation and editing services in every language; Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and Technical writing and specialized in Professional material such as:  legal, medical, financial, official certificates, import/export documentation, company procedures, press releases, telecommunication, advertising, presentations, brochures, contracts, user manuals, websites, movies, tv, screenplays, subtitles.) 

8)          Ms. Vered Karp – Yin Yang Translations

Tel/Fax: 972-3-624 3348                            Mobile: 972-54-7628 738


(Translation Company in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Tagalog (the official language of the Philippines), Korean and Hindi.

Consulate General of Israel – Shanghai

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